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Most often in my work, I mash up a bit of everything below: bringing creative ideas to life for people, businesses and movements. This includes branding, storytelling, community engagement, events - from concept to launch. I can create multimedia content that works for existing or updated brands, shoot photo and video, record and edit sound, write and edit in any medium, and manage and update social media strategies and accounts. I work nimbly, virtually or in-person.

I've worked internationally (the US, Senegal and much of West Africa, South Africa, Indonesia and more), so I have a good sense for cross-cultural understanding. And I've spent time in the corporate, government, academia, non-profit, journalism and arts & culture worlds - so am able to swing pretty comfortably between each.

Read: Uma's a one-stop shop. Soldier on for the specifics. 

writing + editing.

All kinds |  all ways | all mediums.

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web design.

I'm an unabashed Squarespace fangirl. If you're looking to build a new site, or refresh an existing one, I can help. I'm big on clear and clean sites that also manage to be rich, dynamic and engaging. Sites that communicate your brand (or your event, or your mission - anything, really) without confusion. They always come fully adaptable across platforms and mobile optimized. And best of all, once I've done the building on Squarespace, it's easy for you to make updates and changes to your content and imagery (no painful ongoing ties to a web developer), though I'm happy to help with anything you're stuck on, at any point. If you want to add fancy bits, we can easily engage a coder for the icing while keeping costs low for the bulk of the design.

By the way: I'm talking websites for businesses, non-profits, programs, restaurants, magazines, events, weddings, presentations: whatever your big brain can think up, really. 

Bonus: I'm a member of the Squarespace Circle for Creative Professionals, which comes with discounts (Squarespace has a monthly fee - it's worth it), extra guidance and witchy secrets.


It's  hard to brand from the inside, particularly if your business or organization has a rich history, and its hands in a little bit of everything. And if you're new, it's hard to know where to start. I organize brand refreshes for small businesses and non-profits, spending time with teams (not just with leadership) to get to the heart of company's mission, purpose and personality. Once we've unearthed the heart of what you're up to, and why, it's about creating a plan to communicate that with focus, consistency and simplicity. 

event planning + production.

Oh, I've organized so many events. And how I love them - the manic pace and hustle and tying together of a zillion loose ends all in the name of creating an experience. My favorite events are the ones that create community and teach us something. Nothing better than bringing people together with good music, good food, good art and good branding.  I do events well, mostly because I truly believe in the power of a party



I've also opened up my Jakarta home to Airbnb, which has led to my hosting a number of photo and video shoots, as well as things like trainings, celebrations, retreats, dance practices (really!) and more. If you're in the Big Durian and looking for a place to hold your event or shoot, get in touch or message on Airbnb. I can help with production, design, catering, music and more. 

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