In Indonesia (Jakarta/Bali) 



Sensatia Botanicals
(Available on GoMart) 
Beautiful skincare, bath salts, toners, lip balms, lotions etc.  

Soaps, skincare, essential oils

The Bath Box
Jakarta based skincare and bath products

Dr. Soap
Home cleaning stuff (handsoaps, laundry detergent, sprays) plus yummy coffee body scrubs.

Organic Supply Co
Skin/bath/hair and essential oils. Overpriced but high quality

klen and kind
Oils, shampoos, skincare, essential oils, carrier oils


All natural shampoos and conditioners - I love these formulas. Great for training your hair not to need detergents/soaps. Also body oils/sprays etc. 
Email to order, or order online with Bali Direct.

Utama Spice
Totally affordable, great products. Skincare, lotions, soaps, scrubs - this is where I buy my essential oils. 

Blue Stone Botanicals
Soaps, oils, essential oils