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I'm a multimedia storyteller. I've worked in human rights, journalism, branding, public relations, communications, photography, social media and community organizing in West, Central and South Africa and New Haven, Connecticut (a beautiful, complex underdog of a city). After three glorious years living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia, I relocated to San Francisco. 

I studied International Relations and Public Relations at University of Minnesota, and Religion and African Studies at Yale. 

Storytelling, I think, can connect, translate, illuminate, celebrate and inspire communities. Any kind of community, anywhere in the world. 


the resume.

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PDF available, if you need one. 

I had the pleasure to work and connect with Uma during a magical time at the Yale World Fellows Program (2013-2014), where she brought her innate creativity, an ability to push boundaries in a traditional environment, and technical wizardry in moving not only the program but its participants to a greater level of sophistication and relevance. Uma is able to translate opaque ideas into beautiful and accessible mediums so that you are part of the experience. Her work showcases her philosophy on bringing light to stories for diverse audiences...she is a gifted storyteller and one to have - always - in your corner.
— Anita Sharif-Hyder, Yale University
Writing for Daily Nutmeg, Uma was a true pro. She pitched great ideas, hit her deadlines, wrote engaging stories and took stunning photos that really captured the essence of her subject matter. She was also fun and easy to work with! Can’t recommend her enough for your next project.
— Dan Mims, Daily Nutmeg

the love.

Uma came to WNPR/Connecticut Public Radio with an ear for words and audio storytelling, an eye for images that deepen the connections to those words - and an ability to create both. She has a natural sensibility about ideas worth talking about, and a feel for artistic and inventive people who help us to see ourselves in new ways. Not surprising. She’s one of them!
— Diane Orson, WNPR/Connecticut Public Radio
Uma brings light and truth to everything she touches. As communications director for Yale World Fellows, Uma tirelessly advocated on behalf of the remarkable individuals whose lives we sought to enrich through reflection, learning and community. Her optimism, wit, sense of justice, commitment to diversity and indefatigable spirit buoyed us all as we navigated challenging times. For that, I will always be grateful, impressed and inspired.
— Michael Cappello (Yale University)
I believe that Uma’s branding and website design for Thread at Yale, our annual storytelling conference, was instrumental in creating a brand that has grown every year since its inception. She gave us a clean, attractive look - but more important, she gave us a look that merged seamlessly with our editorial philosophy. It wasn’t just gorgeous design—it was smart design.
— Mark Oppenheimer, Yale University