Abdul Majid: For Rent


Hi, friends.

Kevin and I are off to San Francisco in June, and hoping someone wonderful will take over the lease at our beloved Abdul Majid, in Cipete (and ideally employ our two staff) starting either June 15th or July 1st. It's a home we've loved for three years and happen to think it's pretty damn perfect. We're also selling quite a bit (plants, furniture and more) so come by our Garage Sale/Open House on Saturday, May 19th if you're looking for good stuff.

Details below. 

+62 812 9716 3324 or uramiah@gmail.com for questions. 

xx Uma 

garage sale.jpg

The House
Abdul Majid is a lovely, white-washed, light filled spot with plenty of charm, green and space. It's in lovely, quiet, residential Cipete - just off main road Antasari with easy access to the CBD and other parts of town. Cipete itself has all kinds of restaurants and coffee shops and little spots popping up, but you've also got easy access to the Kemang neighborhood with plenty of bars, restaurants and shopping. It's on a relatively active street but the house itself is quiet like a dream. 

Four bedrooms (currently one serves as a gym, one as a storage room), three bathrooms. Pool and patio, large kitchen, living and dining rooms, two car garage, and 2 room apartment for helpers attached to the garage. Washing machine and storage areas. 

Great for parties, dinners, events, swimming, chilling, escaping from Jakarta, etc etc etc... 

And - our landlords (Alvindo Business Properties) are fabulous, completely on top of responding to repairs and requests and any issues with the house. They almost always fix things within 24 hours.


Our Truly Wonderful Staff (looking for new jobs starting July 1)

Pak Sartono: live in guard, cleaner, gardener, all around hero.
Our 24 hour live in guard, Sartono, lives on site to watch the house, call taxis, take care of the garden and plants and pool and house. He also regularly cleans the house, inside and out. He's already all set up in his apartment/in the garage at the house, and ideally we'd love if someone would take over the lease and keep him on, but he may also be open to moving. We pay him 5 juta/month, but he's basically on call all the time and does 3 jobs.  

Ibu Dina: weekday cleaner, cook, all around champion. 
Our maid and cook, Dina, is the gd best. We hired her to manage our Airbnb guests and photoshoots at the house, which she did brilliantly. She speaks English, has WhatsApp, has a scooter to run around Jakarta for errands, and solves problems like a master. She cleans, organizes, arranges, shops, and cooks beautiful food (including following recipes in English). She could really work in any capacity, but I'm hoping she finds a job with a bit of flexibility as she has two kids at home and likes to get home to be there for them in the late afternoons. 

+62 812 9716 3324/uramiah@gmail.com